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The Recording Conservatory of Austin's One on One Mentorship Program

  • We Teach One on One
    • Tracking
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • Business Management
  • Our Audio School Can Help You
    • Achieve Your Dreams
    • Career in the Music Industry
    • Expanding Musical Horizons
    • Artistic Fulfilment
  • We're committed to providing
    • The Best Learning Environment
    • Life Long Professional Training
    • State of the Art Equipment
    • Leading Engineers
    • Career Making Opportunities

Our World Class facility hosts every type of music.

Each class is designed to teach the real world skills that professional music producers use. Classes prepare you to work in an established music production agency or run your own music studio.

As listed, the beginning audio engineering curriculum has four main areas of study: beginning music theory, recording techniques, projects, and pro tools. A full load of classes takes between 7 and 9 months and is taught by an expert in the field. There are some classes where fellow students are paired together for projects, but the majority of instruction is provided in private sessions. One on One sessions provide the in depth tutelage that this hands on art requires.

The Recording Conservatory of Austin offers the following classes:

Beginning Recording Techniques: Beginning Recording Techniques introduces fundamentals of recording techniques and equipment used within a recording studio.

Beginning Pro Tools: Beginning Pro Tools introduces the student to Avid's (Digidesign's) Pro Tools software, its interface and menu structure.

Beginning Projects: Beginning Projects starts with a simple singer-songwriter session and then quickly graduates to full production recording.

Beginning Music Theory: Beginning Music Theory introduces the fundamentals of music theory.

Advanced Music Business: Advanced Music Business is fundamentally a small business development course that is specifically designed with the audio engineer/music producer in mind.

Advanced Pro Tools: Advanced Pro Tools takes the student's knowledge of Avid's (Digidesign's) Pro Tools to an expert level.

Advanced Projects: Advanced Projects is focused on the skill of developing client relationships.

Advanced Music Composition: Advanced Music Composition is designed to teach the student how to service a client from a songwriting and arranging point of view using MIDI in Pro Tools and Reason.





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